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Cat 6 Class E 600MHz UTP Patchcords

Cat 6 Class E 600MHz UTP Patchcords A High quality 600 MHz Cat 6 Class E stranded cable available in 14 colours combined with slim boots in 11 colours, a quality RJ45 Plug and fully component level Patchcord tested.

14 Colours Available
Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Pink, Aqua, Lime, Grey

  • Category 6 Class E UTP PVC Stranded Patchcord
  • Component Tested to ISO Class E
  • Stranded Conductors for flexibility
  • Unshielded PVC outer sheath
  • Slim line Boots to suit Blade and HD panels
  • Manufactured to Order in 14 Cable Colours and 11 Boot Colours
  • Compatible with Cat5E Hardware
Cable Spec
  • 600 MHz flexible data cable
  • Polyethylene Insulated 4 Twisted pairs
  • 24 AWG 7/32 Tinned Copper
  • ETL Verified to Cat6
  • 100 Ohm Impedance
  • NEC (UL) Type CM 75°C
  • ROHS Compliant materials
  • Analogue voice and data signals
  • ISDN, Ethernet, Token Ring, TP-PMD/DDI, ATM
  • Flexible working station cabling and long patch cables
  • Indoor Use

Cat 5 Telco Cables

Cat 5 Telco Cables QAD are now terminating the Cat5 Telco assemblies in house. We are using the Avaya Cat5 Connector and Cat5E cable to give the best Telco Combination available to us.

Female connectors are available with a 90 degree hood and the Male has additional 120 and 180 degree hoods available.
The cat5E cable is available as Blue or Orange LSOH and Grey PVC.
*These can also be supplied as Panel Looms and RJ45 Breakouts.

Inline Emergency Repair Closure Kit

This Kit is ideal for emergency repairs of Tight Buffered, Loose Tube, Military or Broadcast cables. Rubber Seals give water protection and the narrow design offers Space Saving whilst the outer sleeve is cut with grooves to allow non slip cable tie securing. Inline Emergency Repair Closure Kit
Inline Emergency Repair For cables of 5mm to 6.5mm in Diameter and up to 12 core

IP 68 LC Deployable Military/Broadcast Grade Cable

The Reels are a lightweight non metallic construction available in different sizes.

The cable is 2 or 4 core and fitted with 1 or 2 LC Duplex Connectors or Sockets.
IP 68 LC Deployable Cable Reel
The 19inch Panel can be fitted with either the
Inline adapter or the Bulkhead Uniter.
IP 68 LC The Bulkhead Uniter The Bulkhead Uniter is fitted with an IP68 protection Cap on the outside and will accept the IP68 Plug. The inside will accept one Duplex or two Simplex LC connectors.
The Inline Adapter comes with 2 IP68 protection caps and can be used to join two IP68 Plugs and will also accept Standard LC connectors.

The Bulkhead Uniter and the Inline Adapter are also available separately.
IP 68 LC Inline Adaptor

Fibre Optic Cleaning Kit II

The updated cleaning kit contains all the basic requirements for cleaning Connectors and Adapters prior to connection. We have kept the important spares box and added a 1.25mm Adapter cleaner and it is still cost effective.

Click HERE to download the full specification in a PDF document format or call us for more information.

Fibre Optic Vleaning Kit Contents

  • Transit Case
  • Air Duster
  • Low Lint Wipes
  • 2.5mm Swabs
  • 1.25mm Adapter and Uniter cleaner
  • IPA 60ml Fine Spray
  • Spares Box
  • Guidance Notes